Dog Walking

pic of bridge and river

I have extensive experience in walking dogs both singly and in groups. I adhere to the Harrogate Borough Council Dog Walker’s Code and am insured to walk groups of dogs up to 6 which is the maximum number I prefer to walk although I am happy to walk 3 or 4 animals in a session.

All dogs need to have their vaccinations fully up to date in order to come out with Muddy Paws.

 A walk is usually for around 1 hour. When animals are well behaved and when the owner has given written permission I prefer to walk the dogs off lead but, if circumstances do not allow for that, then I will walk the dogs on lead.

Walking your dog when you are unable to is a excellent way of bringing a new and healthy routine into your dog’s life and, living in Harrogate, there are numerous areas to choose from for walks such as the Nidd Gorge and Hookstone Woods.


dogs playing in water

I try, as far as possible, to ensure that all the dogs in a group get on together and you can, therefore, be confident that your dog(s) will enjoy their walk and have a fun time. The pace of each walk is geared to the older or slower dogs in the group whilst the younger, fitter dogs are free to run around the immediate area playing a good game of chase.

An average group will consist of different breeds, sizes, behaviours and ages and the regulars are always very welcoming to new faces and love a new friend to show the routes.

The areas I use for walking are secure environments so dogs can be safely let off their leads, once away from the van and any roads, to play with their friends and rustle around in the brambles. This is a great way of breaking up your dog's day and, if they have been left for a few hours, they will come back tired and happy.

cargo area of van

The cargo area of the van has been divided into 4 sections, 1 containing a large crate on top of which is a small crate which can accommodate 1 small dog on it’s own.

The inside of the van is cleaned and disinfected regularly and each of the 5 spaces is equipped with a non spill water bowl containing fresh clean water. The floor of each space is lined with a mixture of rugs and towels so that the dogs have a degree of comfort whilst travelling. I also carry extra towels and a sprayer, filled with tap water, to enable me to clean any muddy animals at the end of each walk.